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 In order to neutralize unwanted smells within an area, Ambibages locates and analyzes the cause of the problem to fight against it effectively.

Whenever there is a bad smell, an unpleasant odor, it means that there is an organic matter that gives off that stench and that, associated with oxygen, reaches our sense of smell.

If there is no Matter, there is no Smell

Since this premise we can analyze the focus, combat it and perform a solid and effective neutralization of odors

Attention!, in the presence of an unpleasant smell, we shouldn’t apply an aromatic atmosphere, the reaction can be terrible to our expectations.

Once we know why the unpleasant smell exists, we will act on it.

1- Performing a Neutralization of odors at the delicate focus

2- Applying products that neutralize bad smells, which, although they continue to exist, we do not perceive them.

How Do We Perform Odor Neutralization?

For a right neutralization of bad smells, we use neutralizing systems with biotechnological products.

The products belong to the latest generation of biotechnology products for the environment care.

This biodynamic preparation catalyzes the metabolic reactions in the bacterial degradation of organic substances, containing a high concentration of enzymes and active principles.

The products contain in their composition enzymes and bacteria that act as follows:


  • Enzymes are “knives and forks” for bacteria.
  • They emulsify grease and organic waste so that the bacteria are able to digest them.
  • When the bacteria digest fat and organic waste, they nourish and reproduce.
  • After that, the bacteria produces more enzymes, facilitating digestion.
  • So:

 The enzymes begin to act instantaneously feeding the bacteria.

  The living bacteria eats, multiplies and produces additional enzymes.

  The bacteria digests the accumulated organic matter and eliminates smells and the origin sources disappear.

 Effective in sewage systems, water pipes and grease traps.

 The products of this line were formulated specifically for:

»Improve and accelerate the process of biological purification of domestic, industrial and zootechnical wastewater.

»Increase the rate of biodegradation of organic waste.

Advantages and Benefits of Odor Neutralization


  • Increases in the number of bacteria that metabolizes nitrogen.
  • Metabolizes liquid and solid organic waste (civil, industrial and zootechnical sources).
  • Acceleration of the sludge transformation process.
  • Regeneration of the microflora and natural aerobic and anaerobic micro-fauna.
  • Prevention on the formation of bad smells.
  • Drastic reduction of BOD and COD values.
  • Elimination of corrosion and incrustation.
  • Environmental Sanitation, through the inhibition of pathogenic microorganisms (its efficacy against the development of: staphylococcus aureus, scherichia coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, proteus mirabilis, shigella dysenteriae, Streptococcus faecalis, leptospira pomona, salmonella and pastourellae has been proved).
  • Reduction of chemically active nitrogen and phosphorus compounds.
  • Stabilization of PH, inducing the neutrality of the treated elements by a wide range of values.

¿When and where to use Odor Neutralization?

It is effective in virtually all applications thanks to its broad spectrum of neutralizing activity combined with its high application power.

Here are some applications of our products:


  • Urinals
  • Wc
  • Pipes / siphons
  • Fabrics (curtains, carpets, sofas, chairs, etc.)
  • Interior cars
  • Grease separators
  • Shower trays
  • Liquid spills
  • Maintenance of septic tanks
  • Retirement and care homes
  • Hotels, Hostels, Pensions, Rural Tourism Houses
  • Restaurants, Bars, Cafes
  • Cars, Buses, Trucks, Motorhomes, Trains
  • Veterinary Clinics, Animal Shops, Dog Hairdressers Buildings

¿ How do Odor Neutralization systems work?

 The principle on which the products for the neutralization of odors are based consists of a mixture of two substances of a certain composition. The resulting scent can be much less intense than each of them separately, becoming imperceptible.

Therefore, the molecules of the compound volatilize in the air and interact with the odor-producing elements of the odorous molecule( it can be composed of aldehydes, amines, diamines, sulfides, carboxylic acids, esters, ketones, etc.)

All these compounds are highly reactive and are neutralized or inactivated by interacting with the active compound molecules of our most advanced products.

The compound that performs the neutralization, based on the composition of natural oils and essences, neutralizes a wide range of bad organic odors.

The components are completely harmless to health, ecological and biodegradable. They do not contain ingredients that can damage the ozone layer or petroleum products.

When the air passes through these active products, they are transformed into a dry vapor that will be dispersed throughout  the atmosphere through the normal convection of the air, so that it will quickly and efficiently neutralize the ambient smells and those impregnated on porous surfaces such as fabrics, carpets, walls, ceilings, etc.


   – Neither it does not oxidize the materials nor requires the evacuation of the space to be treated.

   – It is much better than liquid sprays. It does not create wet waste.

    – It is much better than the gels. It contains harmless formulas and their ingredients act more effectively.

   – Surpasses  the ozone generators.

– Essential oils neither  oxidize materials nor require evacuation of the space to be treated.


It is effective in practically all applications thanks to its wide spectrum of neutralizing activity combined with its high mobility in the air. It is used either in dry steam or in aqueous solution.

Where can the odor neutralization products be used?



How much money have we lost for having an unused room because of its bad smell? Guests will not stay in a smelly room.

Our products will make the room smell fresh, clean air, in a simple, natural and ecological way.



Many restaurants or coffee shops have problems with smells, either food, tobacco, humanity, etc.

The treatment can be carried out by air conditioning systems through a small installation of our equipment. This will be advisable in large spaces such as banquet halls, nightclubs, bingo halls, theaters …



Delivering a second-hand car, a rental vehicle or simply carrying out a good cleaning of a car means removing any trace of bad smells you may have.

Unlike ozone generators, we can work on the vehicle while the equipment is being used without harming our health or damaging fabrics, gums or glues.



We use dry steam as a neutralizing element of the smell, thus we obtain the following advantages:

– We avoid dirt from the air ducts produced by moisture.

– We avoid deteriorating the filters and batteries of the devices, saving on repairs

  • We obtain a fresh and deodorized environment in all rooms.
  • As time goes by, dry steam impregnates all porous surfaces or tissues helping to deodorize.


Are our customers satisfied with our work, but upset by the smells?

If so, with our products you now have the solution. Like people, many animals are annoyed by the aromas produced by traditional air fresheners because they contain alcohol, noxious gases, solvents, petroleum distillates, corrosive elements or CFCs,

Thanks to our 100% natural and hypoallergenic products, we will have clean air without the need to cover up the bad smell.




How many times is the journey unpleasant because of the smells?

In all kinds of boats, because they have very closed spaces with little ventilation, we usually find odor problems (caused by humidity, kitchens, oil, diesel, dirty water tank, …) causing serious inconveniences  to the occupants.



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