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 AMBIBAGES relies on the most efficient and advanced techniques to create and keep an attractive, impactful and inspiring atmosphere.

We are constantly evolving and we analyze carefully the systems of aromatic setting existing in the current market and their utilities.

Our studies and experience lead us to the conclusion that we must identify and separate the setting systems in two groups

Active Atmosphere and Passive Atmosphere

Active Atmosphere

Is the one that, to be able to act, must release to the outside by means of an electronic, automatic or mechanical system a liquid or a nebulization.


Passive Ambience

These are the systems that do not perform any mechanical, electronic or automatic action to generate and release the aroma.


Ambibages presents a new generation of Ambiance systems for professional cleaning with VIVA – e!

A new generation of air fresheners that stands out for its ecological nature, since it does not use aerosols or sprays.

This system uses the innovative air-freshener technology Oxy-Gen Powered, applied in the medical sector and takes advantage of the power of pure oxygen so that the perfumed oil dispenses of in a gradual way, giving rise to an intensity of constant and continuous fragrance during the lasting of each load, thus offering maximum efficiency.

In addition, the Viva! e air freshener adapts easily to any maintenance program: the recharge lasts 30 days and its batteries can last for 2 years. On the other hand, as operating against gravity the fragrance oil does not drip, and the cellulose diffuser does not dry or saturate. Several aromas available.

Manufactured in resistant recyclable ABS, all the components are recyclable and their operation is silent. With a compact and elegant design, it is available in different colors to be integrated in all kinds of environments, being perfect for meeting rooms, waiting rooms, corridors, rooms and bathrooms. It incorporates luminous indicators of operation, refill alarm or change of battery.

The air freshener uses Neutralox, an odor neutralizing agent that eliminates smells, which does not cover up, leaving a fresh perfume in the air.